Beth Jervis


Archives - Welcome!

The Poetry Brothel - A brothel where the commodity is Poetry read in private rooms

Fools Bargain - French Contemporary Theater translated in to English 

ArtFireWork - Collaboration on AfterWork Events to bring artistic aspects

Peacock Palace - Explanation and links to this Multi-Arts event

Interview - Anais Bon interviews me on Citablog about my artistic persona and activities.

Videos - Watch my videos on my acting website + Full details of all film based work. 

Gallery -  Shootings, performance, theatre, on-set stills,  Visual Art Work. 

Much Ado About Nothing - Theatre Production of Shakespeare's classic.  

Parallax Art Fayre 2011 - A performance video, painting, and poetry for London Artist Showcase in October. 2011

Mobile Wierd  -  Personal hommage to the Telecoms Industry after leaving the Corporate Kingdom in early 2012 to persue the Arts full time.

What Is a Business Plan - I asked my newsletter readers this question in 2011, these were their answers. 

Revolutionary Poetry for Individuals in Capitalism - Excerpts of first published poetry collection, 2011.

What to do with an Arts Degree - A video of a talk I gave to Leeds Students in 2011 

Writers get Violent - An event in Paris involving a poetry slam-off between writers followed by a real boxing match between the same pairs of writers - Video extract and pictures, 2011. 

Street Improv - Improvisation outdoors - video from Paris Marathon 2010

Art Happening Collaboration - A collaboration with American Artist Theo Edmunds - photo montage

Improvisation Theatre  - Activity and performance in improv.  

Poetry Performance  - Activity and performance poetry.

Rocky Horror - Information, photos about the troop and shows.

Play/Script reading  - Participation in Moving Parts events 

Youtube page  - Experimental webcam videos and Short Films 

ParBeth - A writing experiment of roughly 100,000 words made to reflect, and inspired by the Derridian concept "parergon" - 2006, excerpts.

The Closest Far Away Mountain - A short story of 23 pages, full story.

 The Linguistic Taxonomy of Identity - An original take on linguistics and where the entire "science" of it comes unstuck when we delve into existentialism. Full text.