Beth Jervis


Spoken Word - Experimental open-mic nights

Spoken Word in Paris is a weekly event where a group of International poets, artists, musicians, writers, intellectuals, and randoms gather to perform in front of  an open mic in Paris. There are several other active groups: Poets Live, the Ivy Writers, Upstairs at Duroc, but I like that Spoken Word invites all types of artists (music, theatre, poetry, dance), and not just writers and intellectuals. I regularly do poetry, duo acts, monologues and impro sets at this event, and it is a great source of inspiration and collaboration which has led to projects with American Artist Theo Edmonds, and other collaborative work with Nicolas Perot, and Chris Newens.  Performance at Open Mic events started for me at University in Leeds, at The Grove Pub, Strawberry Fields, and I have also performed in London, Bristol, and at events such as the "Northern Green Gathering", in Yorkshire, and Dance Camp East.