Beth Jervis


Enter the Peacock Palace

The Peacock Palace is a multi-arts event which began with a Birthday Party on the 9th November 2013.

 I wanted to create an event which reflected my artistic beliefs and goals.

The aim of the event was to mix different art-forms, networks, and "milieu" in the same event, and to create a positive atmosphere for inspiration and exchange. As the event was a success, I decided with the venue Manager DJ McClean, to repeat.

I sent out an appeal for film contributions and ended up with several hours of film. As the event is designed to be open to amateurs and pros of all walks and styles I did not want to turn anyone down, and decided to develop a programme over an entire season. 

The Peacock Palace has become a multi-cultural platform for Artists in Paris, which will end in June / July 2014.

In September the concept will most likely evolve. I have been offered to collaborate on other events / opportunities. I will however develop a new programme for Peacock Palace, because there is a demand for a space to support this kind of multi-art exchange in peaceful and generous conditions.

Here is the Facebook page with links to the full history of the events: