Beth Jervis


Parallax Art Fayre 2011

 This video contains footage from Parallax Art Fayre.


The pieces I prepared for this are as follows:

Painting: "Business Plan to End Capitalism"

Poetry Book: "Revolutionary Poetry for Individuals in Capitalism"

Performance: "A Banal Poem about a Man" 


 My Goal for the Showcase

My goal for this showcase exhibition was to display work through a number of medium which all related to the theme of questions and criticisms about the business world in contemporary western society in 2011. 

The demonstrations taking place in 2011 in Madrid, London, New York, and growing beyond, seem to be warning sings of a human conflict arising of the historically "revolutionary" type.

The painting uses poetry focusing on the psychology of the typical medium level depressed businessman, and encorporates doodles made during sales calls.



The Poetry Collection aims at reframing some questions in an ongoing debate between capitalists and anti-capitalists where anti-capitalists are holding down business jobs and rioters and trouble makers are also doctors, lawyers, and range from lower to upper class in terms of social status.



 Read excerpts. 

The performance is about transforming negative psychology in some of these lived contexts. (See video above).