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Mobile Wierd


Mobile Wierd is a mobile offer for Wierd and / or Strange people.

In order to obtain a contract you have to prove that you have either been discriminated against during your life for some form of social deviancy, present proof of a criminal record, or send a photo of yourself behaving in a socially unacceptable way. Sporting some kind of piecing, tattoo, or other extreme clothing also counts.

Me...mbers of Mobile Weird benefit from free calls to other weirdoes, a no engagement policy, and free credit for sending in weird pictures via MMS. Mobile weirdoes can also subscribe to a weird news feed and receive pictures sent to their phone selected from best submissions, and can opt in to receive free Wikileaks updates, news about Occupy Wall Street, and send up to five free sms per day to a weird forum online titled STRANGE.

STRANGE, the forum, hosts weirdoes comments and links them to a scrambling server which proliferates spam and endeavors to embed weirdoes comments in news feeds spanning across legitimate political, medical, and historical websites on the world wide web.

Mobile Weird runs on the biggest global network, and was developed in reaction to too much fucking idiocy in consumerism. It was released in January 2012 in anticipation of a lot of bullshit and expects to outrage expectators by the end of the year. You can order online directly or request more information here on this page.

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Mobile4uwierdoes the team!

Here is one of our Happy Customers...

You are cordially invited to send your own photos to be posted here on this page!