Beth Jervis


Miss Peacock - from a pen name to a persona

Miss Peacock started out as my pen name. It then became my artistic persona, and now it is a part of my journey I look back on as key to my artistic development.

I first started performing through poetry. I wrote a lot during adolescence and began getting up on stage at University. I wrote a poem about hiding the artistic, slightly edgy part of my personality away, which I called "Miss Peacock." At first it was just an idea, but it became my artistic persona. The original thought was that someday I would be at one with my creative side. I ran away from my creative personality because I didn't fit in. I found ways to express myself through different artistic means; improvisation, piano, song, acting, painting, dancing... eventually I decided to make Art, acting, and writing my profession. For a time I used Miss Peacock as a stage name, but then stopped seeing the idea of Miss Peacock as a creative other, but as a shared expressive space/state we all have access to, and which I used to be afraid of. At this point I could move forward constructively as an artist.

Read Miss Peacock Poem.

I don't know where the inspiration for Miss Peacock came from, but I do remember finding Peacocks incredibly beautiful as a small child . This TEDex video suggests it is in our genes to find Peacocks beautiful.



CD 1    

18/26 : The colour of hair 

CD 2 

1/14: something in the air