Beth Jervis


The Closest Far-Away Mountain

The Closest Far-Away Mountain was a follow-up experiment to ParBeth written later on, in 2008.

ParBeth had raised some interesting question about readability, style, coherence, and structure in my work. I wanted to write something which followed the structure of a story but which captured the essence of an "unravelled" personality, which ParBeth seemed to expose.

The result is a 23 page story which unpicks some of our preconceptions about the wholeness of an individual and focusses more on flow and absences of significance over time.

The syntax is unusual because I wrote the text in franglais: when I felt like the words coming forth in English, I let them. When I felt like them coming forth in French, I let them.

 The version I have uploaded for you to read online is translated entirely into English: The Closest Far-Away Mountain.